DPF filter exhaust check

ABC Services can check, flush and treat your DPF diesel exhaust in Cheltenham.

ABC Services can check, flush and treat your DPF diesel exhaust in Cheltenham.

If you own a diesel car, then you’ll most likely have a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) to help reduce emissions from your car. However, with limited capacity, regular DPF maintenance is required. At ABC Services, we offer a deep DPF test, clean and maintenance clean to keep the filter working at optimum level, so book your diesel car in today.’

ABC Services can offer a free DPF exhaust check as well as flush and treat diesel exhausts.

A diesel particulate filter (DPF) is found within the exhaust system of diesel cars. DPFs work to capture and store soot from the exhaust in order to reduce emissions. However, the filters have a limited capacity, so regular DPF regeneration is essential in order to avoid damaging your DPF and exhaust, resulting in costly repairs.

At ABC Services, our friendly technicians can help you to maintain the DPF in your diesel car, with our expert DPF cleaning service. If you’re experiencing a loss of power, poor fuel economy or your cooling fans are running more frequently than normal, then your DPF may need cleaning.

Our DPF Deep Clean is recommended for filters partially blocked with soot. When your DPF becomes blocked, a light will usually appear on your dashboard, which is when you should book your car in at a Halfords

What is a DPF?

Diesel Particulate Filters are an industry response to the progressive tightening of exhaust emission standards for diesel vehicles and other equipment utilising a diesel power plant. As their name suggests, they remove the particulate matter (soot) from diesel engine exhaust gasses by passing them through a filter system that traps the particles.

To maintain engine performance, DPF systems must be cleaned at regular intervals to remove the deposits they have collected. This is known as regeneration. For the majority of road vehicles regeneration is carried out on-board, though some vehicles, such as underground mining machines and some heavy trucks, may incorporate ‘off-board regeneration’ which requires the DPF to be removed for cleaning.

Vehicles fitted with a DPF will have a dash mounted malfunction warning lamp. The operation and appearance of this warning varies from make to make and owners should familiarise themselves with its operation and what it signifies for their particular vehicle.

Drivers need to be aware that if there are faults elsewhere which cause the vehicle to enter “limp” or “get you home” mode, where the engine performance is strictly limited by the management system, the DPF will be unable to regenerate itself.

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