Citroen Servicing Cheltenham

Citroen Servicing in Cheltenham by ABC Services

Every model in the Citroen range can benefit from a truly comprehensive service. Whether your Citroen requires a Full Service, Medium Services or a Small Service you can be sure that only trained, fully skilled mechanics will carry out the work.

All our servicing prices are inclusive and on average you could save up to 40% when compared to High Street Dealer prices for a Citroen service.

Citroen Service: What’s involved?

We offer manufacturers services as well as our own menu servicing. To find out what is involved in each service we have created a quick checklist ‘ABC Services Menu Services’ you can see exactly what you get from each type of service, making it easy to choose the right one for you.

In cases where replacement parts are required, we only fit top quality manufacturer equivalent equipment, using the latest in mechanical equipment.

Citroen Warranty

Thanks to a piece of EU legislation passed in 2003, the ‘Block Exemption Regulations’ ABC Services can lawfully service your Citroen without affecting the manufacturer warranty being affected. This involves us using Original Equipment ‘Matching Quality’ parts – which all our services do – and the garage follow the manufacturer’s service schedules.

So, if you’re still within warranty then we would recommend you book your Citroen in for a Full manufacturer scheduled service this service will follow the service schedule of your Citroen down to the letter using Autodata information, thus ensuring that you do not lose the warranty on your vehicle.