Mercedes servicing Cheltenham

Mercedes Benz servicing in Cheltenham by ABC Services

Mercedes Benz servicing in Cheltenham by ABC Services

Mercedes Benz warranted servicing garage in Cheltenham by ABC Services- with special offer of 50% off labour rate, Digital Services Record history upheld- warranted not effected 01242 525555.

ABC Services are an independent Mercedes garage specialists located here in the Cheltenham area. We offer expert advice and servicing from fully qualified ATA accredited technicians to ensure your vehicle is in good hands. We specialise in all aspects of Mercedes repairs, servicing and diagnostics, with full access to dealer information and equipment.

50% off local manufacturers labour rate Your Digital Services Record (full services history) upheld Warranty NOT effected from new.

In 2003 the EU changed the law that allowed manufacturers to invalidate a car’s warranty if servicing was carried out anywhere but one of their own dealerships. This change is legislation allowed other garages to be able to work on cars under warranty and the owners would not have to worry about damaging the agreement.

This is great news for all Mercedes’ owners in Cheltenham as we are able to save you money- and you can rest assured you are keeping your warranty intact but also getting a level of technical knowledge and experience you simply would not find outside of a main dealership.

Our specially trained technicians know our Mercedes cars like the back of their hand. So you can rest assured your much loved Mercedes will get the service it needs, to the highest of standards – and always using Genuine Mercedes Parts to keep it 100% Mercedes.

ABC Services are an established company who have been servicing and repairing vehicles in Cheltenham since 1968.

All service and maintenance work on your Mercedes Benz will be carried out by experienced staff qualified to ATA (Automotive Technician Accreditation) standards. All staff have been placed on the ATA professional register, which can be accessed independently by yourself. You can be rest assured, your vehicle is in good hands.

Technicians have vast experience on Mercedes vehicles. We offer a professional and reliable service with satisfaction guaranteed.

Full access to the Mercedes Benz digital service record to keep your service history up to date.

We only use original equipment when we service our vehicles. Servicing in line with the manufacturers recommendations.

Please use our online booking system to book your Mercedes Warranted Service or call us now on 01242 525555.