Parental / Family Friendly Garage

We’re proud of running a family friendly garage. Whatever your circumstances or knowledge of your car, we’re here to help. 

We want to make your visit to ABC as painless as possible.


Many of our competitors do not cater, in any way, for parents. Here at ABC we are proud to say that we have a designated separate waiting room where your children can watch the TV or play safely away from the workshop areas.

It’s well equipped with books, toys and a television to keep your children entertained whilst your vehicle is repaired.

We have free Wi-fi so you can stay connected (or as is often the case surrender your phone so your children can watch YouTube!).

Free tea, coffee and water are also available on request and a coffee machine is available in our tyre bay.

Friendly, Understandable Advice and Explanations

We have both male and female front of house staff who are always on hand to help make your visit as easy as possible. We will always provide you with full ‘plain english’ advice and explanations of any issues.