Speed Camera’s

Mobile Speed Camera’s

I have yet to meet a motorist that actually likes speed cameras, this is probably because nobody does.There are many arguments for and against ‘speed cameras’ or to give them their official title of ‘road safety cameras’.And those two titles right there are the cause of all arguments, are they speed cameras or are they safety cameras?

Councils give them the name road safety cameras because the claim they are put in places which are accident hotspots, therefore slowing traffic down and making the roads a safer place.However, to a motorist they are a speed camera, solely put there to bring misery to them by putting a fixed penalty notice through the letter box, without you expecting it.Many motorists and some motorists groups believe the sole purpose of ‘road safety cameras’ is to simply raise revenue for the local councils and government.But, surely there is more to them, than to just turn all motorists into cash cows?

Anyway I’m not writing this article to argue one way or another.Everyone has their own opinion on them and is entitled to it.I just want to mention the fact that the mobile camera vans seem to be popping up here, there and everywhere, seemingly without warning in Gloucestershire.They are appearing in places where you’d never normally expect them.I have found they seem to be getting fond of popping up near level crossings.I have noticed that these vans also have the Network Rail logo on the side, so maybe this is a new partnership that has formed?I can only assume this is part of an initiative to make motorists wary and to reduce their speeds right across the county, therefore improving road safety.

Although it might seem speed/road safety cameras appear without warning, the county council actually give motorists plenty of warning.They now publish on a monthly basis when and where mobile camera vans will be situated across the county.You can find this information out at http://roadsafety-gloucestershire.org.uk/mobile-camera-site-locations/.So be prepared, take a look each month and hopefully avoid getting that dreaded brown envelope on your door mat.