Car tyre size

Tyre Size Information

More often than not we have customers ring our tyre bay asking for a quote on new tyres.However, the customer does not always know the relevant information about their tyres to enable us to give a full and exact quote.When we ask for the tyre size the customer is not always prepared and tends to reply by telling us the make and model of the vehicle.Although this does help us narrow down the search we are not able to quote on the exact tyre; for example not all Citroen C3’s have the same size tyre.This is due to the manufactures producing more than one type of Citroen C3, is it a certain body type or style, or maybe it’s a sporty version?Each model of vehicle has several different variations, and this causes variants of tyre sizes.Not to mention if the customer has fitted after-market wheels!When a customer cannot provide us with relevant information and we can’t quote, it means the customer needs to bring the vehicle to the garage and we will look at the tyre size.And although we keep a wide range of tyre sizes in stock, we can’t keep them all, so in these cases we order the tyres in and the customer needs to come back at another time.This is frustrating for us because it stops us from providing the prompt service we endeavour to do each and every time, and frustrating for the customer because they may need to make more than one journey.

You can find out the relevant information by simply looking at the sidewall of your tyres.The tyre sidewall has all the information that you will ever need to order tyres.It will give you information such as size, speed ratings, brand and much more.

However, we understand that looking at the sidewall of a tyre can be confusing; there are so many numbers and letters it can be hard to know where to start.So take a look at the diagram that we have added and hopefully it will make things clearer for you to see, and you can always use it as a reference when ordering tyres in the future.

tyre size.gif

When ordering your new tyres the main parts of information you will need are numbers 1, 2 and 3, these together denote the tyre size.You may also be asked for numbers 4 and 5, as your vehicle may need a certain speed rating, for example; if it’s a performance vehicle.

Hopefully this diagram helps demonstrate the information needed by us from you, and will help your next tyre booking go as smooth as possible.

Please call our tyre bay on 01242 525555 with any questions relating to your tyres, our tyre bay team will do all that they can to help!